Friday, 14 March 2008

a step to success

~:( sadly, there's a long time i didnt write anything, didn't touch and see a blogspot for a long-long time.. never know why? but for this moment, deep in my heart, i feels strange, looking out for something.. maybe LOVE.. not a parents love, and not from my lover.. but Allah's love and friends love.

~ the story behind step to success and in mission to looking out for a love start a few weeks ago.. me as a president of a Johor Society UKM (Persatuan Mahasiswa Anak Johor, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia) get a lot off pressure and a work to do.. to maintain the achievement is not a simple and easy thing.. theres a lot of thing that u most do in order to keep the society to be the first ranking than others.. as many pressure and work that i get, i keep remembering that, all the thing thats given to me is a challenge, a things that make me stronger, a step to make a successful leader than ever.. thats my target in a years later.. wish that i can do and follow the step..

~but a work that given to me lately is hard to do, hard to do by myself.. pressure and stress.. the people has judge me, critics and condemn for what i do.. never hear what i say, never do what i want.. so is this beginning or end of my leadership.. a step for me to success has stop in the middle of the way.. not the middle i think, 1 over 3rd from the middle.. i keep thinking that this is the real challenge before i go to the real world... political world.. so this problem actually small than my prime minister problem, and too much small from my prophet Nabi Muhammad S.A.W.. but thats not the end of the story..

~beside from the leadership of mine in maintaining my career as a President, there has another problem.. my course people.. Microbiology.. that people wanna do a grand, big and a wonderful dinner, but the problem is too much money that we must paid.. RM 28.. as a member of Microbiology Club, i decide to speak and criticize (mengkritik) bout the expensive cost of the dinner.. i try to give an idea how to do a marketing, and how to do a proper work.. and the result is, they do not accepted what i say, and try to shut me out.. try to condemn me, and also try to make me wrong in whatever i say. they say me just a talkative person but never do work to help them.. they blame me, ignore me and make a story of me to the whole students in my Microbiology Club.. so.. the problem make a bigger one, the pressure keep pressure me.. and me want to cry, lost in a world that i create myself

~the moral and knowledges that i get, never condemn and critics a persons that never accepted the critics.. also silent is the best way than anything... never do a thing that people will hate.. muck talk actually give much problem... in Malays there is a word that say " because of mouth, the body will suffer"..

~but i know, this is the experience that i must get to make my step to a higher level than before.. to make my dream come true, as a Islamic leader, a person that unite all Muslimin, a great leadership of my country, Malaysia.. i love to make this person as my idol, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, 4th Prime Minister of Malaysia.. he is brave to say whatever he things right, he has a talent to make a decision to the future. and he has a strong personality.. if he can speaks and critics whoever he want and whatever he think right, so why must i can't be brave as him.. mybe the time is not come yet.. and lot of things must i learn..

~once again, a step to success is to brave to make a move, a step by step and one more thing, everything that we do is for Allah the Greatest...

~believe me, I CAN DO IT..


  1. .comlorrr...
    never give up man.. you can do it..
    make ur session is good than before..always thinking positive..
    others will support you..
    in others way, u must be strong and strong..never said i cant do that and this..
    you av ur own path..try to do ur best.. insyaALLAH..
    and as i know you, i know that you can do it.. you do da best that you can do..
    but remember, think it before.. if you av a lot of work separate it to others...
    "two hands better than one"..lalala~
    do not postponed ur works...

  2. thanks mie... one of my weakness, hehe postponed my work.. but i'm try to change it.. thanks again..

  3. hello there..
    mr pressident..
    make 1 blog for permaj..
    named it as permajukm /
    make a used with it..
    every program n anything that permaj do..
    it is simple with the blog if multiply is hard to use and understand..if u can make it good thats better..
    hope dat MI can make use with the multiply..if have a blog den its good to i think..
    that one of your way to atrack politics..hehe~
    "as PM said, internet is the one make BN lose.."
    so..just my idea..
    n den for the cd K.I.E dat u have, just upload the pic..
    video is coming soon..huhu~
    i know that u can do more better than me n eveyone..u av something..
    u got to learn more, to make something perfect..because not everyone is perfect..huhu~
    anyway..Good Luck ya..

  4. insyaAllah i try to do, but i'm afraid tha i dont have enough time to write a blog bout PERMAJ.. but i try.. thanks Mie