Monday, 16 January 2012


Saya benci perasaan ini.. Sangat.. Did I do something wrong? Senang sgt get offense by others.. even perkara kecik pon mudah tersinggung.. don’t tell me that my estrogen hormone are in high level replacing testosterone hormone.. Dan time mcm nilah makin ramai-ramai org sibuk nak jadi minah-minah laser. Uh!.. damn!.. please lah... shouldn’t be like this..

What? It’s not ur problems actually either me get a job or not.. and please don’t basically judge people based on what you think and see.. im more better than you thought! Please! Never mind, still I can smile and pretending nothing happens.. just assume it as bad dumb ass joke…

Well then I notice.. boring.. peoples are all the same..

And my dear.. please.. don’t let somebody ruins what we have right now..


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