Friday, 15 October 2010

im so sorry

Im so sorry for what i think is my mistake that such this idiot things happened.
Im so sorry coz i never meant to hurt you
Im so sorry i couldn't help you to get through the worst situation that you ever have
Im so sorry coz i wouldn't be there beside you to calm you down
and holding your hand
Im so sorry if i made those tears come outta your eyes
Im so sorry coz i never gives what u ever want
Im so sorry coz i cant be someone you want me to be
Im so sorry if my words make u angry
Im so sorry if dont show much caring, loving and worry
Im so sorry coz i cant be perfect
Im so sorry coz i never been good enough

Things are getting more complicated and it wont make it...

But I still believes there is a hope.. If were are meant to be together, nothings impossible coz we are trying our best and Allah knows everything that are better for us..


  1. just try ur best to get through those problemo..yes, we are not perfect but we can try to be perfect..don`t lose hope!

  2. thanks daya and atin for ur concern... appreciate that..

    i don't think that i having the most tough difficult time.. coz im pretty sure, we have a long way to go.. and this just a little bit salty and sour time that we have to face..

    just pray for our best, try to be perfect and try to cheers people around us...

    thanks :)

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  4. hahaha..

    abes ngek.. balek semayang td pg 7-11 abes dah..

    air tin 'chill'

    hahaha.. thx =)