Wednesday, 13 October 2010

letters to juliet..

what if we were made of each other
born to become best friends and lovers
I want to stay right here
in this moment with you
over and over and over again
what if this could be the real love
a love, a love, yeah
I don't know what to think
is this real or just a dream?
in my heart is where you'll be
I'll keep waiting till we meet

Siyesly this movie is sweet and awesome... Sesuai untuk semua golongan yang nak bercinta, yang bercinta, yang putus cinta, yang masih menanti or whatever lah... 

Cinta boleh berubah! And we never know who is there that were made for us... Until we find them..

Dan bagai mana a-true-love akhirnya bertemu after 50 years... when talking bout love, its never too late!

Love's unpredictable 

p/s: ermm berangan jap!


  1. Dude!! u r the man!!..hahaha

    sudah jelas lagi nyata...

    "im not a sweet talker... even not a good seducer with a good skill of flirting."


  2. aku baru nak belajar ngek...

    ko arhh!.. xngaku..

  3. hahha.. relax2...
    jgn marah2...
    aku rasa ko yg ngajor aku slma ni..
    npe ko nk blajar ag?
    ooo...ko nk tmbh ilmu ek?