Sunday, 28 November 2010


korang percaya tak dengan astrology, zodiak dan bermacam-macam lagi tentang ramalan dari tarikh lahir ni... contohnya macam warna berdasarkan tarikh lahir, berdasarkan bentuk jari dan sebagainya... 

Aku x percaya tapi suka baca... Aku tak akan baca yang "minggu ni kamu bernaseb malang, kena langgar bulldozer etc etc".. tapi aku lebih suka baca part "kamu dilahirkan pada tarikh lahir ni kelihatan matang, berdikari etc etc"

Sebab kadang-kadang baca sumthing macam ni boleh membina semula keyakinan diri kita... Dan memang secara tak langsung akan ada beberapa persamaan.. lebih kurang 80% tepat dengan personaliti kita sebenarnya... 

Dan astrology yang aku baru baca sebelum ni hampir tepat dengan personaliti sebenar aku.. Terutama dari segi finances, dream and goals... Cuma tak ter explain... Dan Astrology ni boleh explain kan secara detail... =) Let See.........

 May 27 Birthday Astrology
 Geminis born May 27 are masters at reinventing themselves. This is their way of remaining interesting to themselves and others. They never quite let anyone see their true self, not even those individuals who are closest to them. They revel in maintaining a sense of mystery and intrigue.

Friends and Lovers
May 27 natives love the spotlight and enjoy an active social life. They like eccentric people who share their love of good food, good wine, and smart conversation. Romance is their favorite pastime. They are natural flirts and generally prefer "the chase" to any other aspect of love

Children and Family

Like many Gemini natives, May 27 people never quite grow up. They remain in touch with that magical land of childhood and take spiritual refuge in it when the realities of life grow too hard. They may not be excellent parents in the conventional sense, but they can bond with their kids as pals in a way that many parents cannot; they are pals more than parents. 

May 27 individuals have a high-strung, nervous temperament. This can cause them to fall into bad health habits. Headaches and insomnia may be problems for these individuals. They can remedy these by learning how to relax, which can be difficult for any Gemini. 

Career and Finances
May 27 natives adore fashion and are often impeccably dressed, making them an asset in any profession. They are naturally artistic yet may prefer a career that exists on the fringes of creativity. They are not particularly good with money. They spend it far too freely and sometimes foolishly. They are generous in the extreme. 

Dreams and Goals
May 27 people want to be noticed. They have the feeling -- generally correct -- that they are not ordinary individuals but someone special. They will usually find a way to shine, since anything else is unbearable for their ego.

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