Wednesday, 16 February 2011

New Job

Jobless for only one week... and I should be happy rite...?  Then why I become less happy...? I will become a Research Assistant at Center for Graduate Management (Pusat Pengurusan Siswazah) UKM... Before forget, a thousand thanks to Fairul for helping me to get a job here... Working full day at office definitely will suits with my criteria... Just for a while before I get a stable, permanent job...

Maybe I was too hesitating to work far from my hometown... It’s what my mom wants... Working not far from her... I really hope she will understand... It’s my only chances to do what I love to do... And a lot of things to be think... House, My things; shirt, shoes, and lot of things to bring... But what I fear most is mom’s instinct... Everyone knows that one instinct from mom is usually true... definitely will be true...  

So is it ok...? Or I just grab the chances for working here, accept the challenges whatever it is...?

And I make my mind, working here until a get a comfortable job at my hometown... So rite now, just grab the chance while available for me... So here I come UKM, and I will accept the challenge... Life is bored without a challenge... I hope everything will be cleared... I hate thinking, thinking and thinking...


  1. First of all, congratss Pong~~!! Management field suit u more eh ^^,
    i nvr knew dat there is a post such RA at PPS.sadis. What kind of work u'll be involved with? Anyhow, wish u the best of luck wif the new job! (:

  2. @♥ αγα ίδαγα♥

    yep... theres a post for ra at pps, pejabat perhub. antarabangsa... and it depends on Pengarah Jabatan... If they want RA to help their work so there will find one for them... mostly working in office...

    thanks daya.. =)