Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Teguh Setia Bersatu

So far, I’m ok,  working and blogging here from my office.. nice ha!.. ha haha… Never know what is actual basic salary and how long period I’m working here but I don’t mind.. as long as I’m happy and there is no uncomfortable atmosphere…  So my short term plan now is seeking a house to rent.. So anybody there has a home to share with me…? Especially at Bangi.. (and girls)..

Enough with that.. we talk about politic campus at UKM.. after 7 years UKM was dominate by Pro-Aspirasi, finally GMUKM succeed to steal that winner trophy from them.. after 7 years they struggle, they dreams to rule PMUKM will become true… not so much to say, I’m not surprised at all for this defeat… After 7 years ruling PMUKM, Aspirasi have begun to forget the struggle of the past… They live in a comfortable position and there was no sign of commitment to defend their position.. frankly speaking, GMUKM candidates look more energetic, good at arguing, neat appearance and style as a leader… this is what Aspirasi must learn from them…

Although not a big defeat, this will give awareness to the Aspirasi of developing plan to win the heart of students… and also realizes the Aspirasi of the struggle that they have been forgotten over the years… Whatever it is, Aspirasi will always get my support from behind especially Aspirasi from KUO… not because all they fight is right, but I believe Aspirasi is more reasonable than GMUKM… GMUKM like to express their voices beyond the boundaries of a student…  I’m not saying students don’t have the right to speak but to what each item must have demonstrate…  and why there is hardcore Muslimah with length hijab tend to looked at students who do not aligned with her with a suspicious view… not all, but most of them… why…? Because we supporting Aspirasi that means we didn’t perform solat…? or there is the word ‘sin’ in the forehead for Aspirasi supporters...? again.. not all.. but bunch of them…

There are negative and positive for both Aspirasi and GMUKM… So, whoever wins this time, prove you can make changes, not only great to make the promises and manifesto… to be a leader is not easy as to learn abc… there are many things to be consider… so good luck…



  1. dey..
    mau menyewa ngan aku tak?
    tenet sume dah ada. ko beli katil je la. hoho.


  2. "There are negative and positive for both Aspirasi and GMUKM…"

    Aku menentang kerajaan bukan sebab aku sokong dasar pembangkang. Ianya sebab there are something wrong ngan kerajaan hari ini dan ia perlu ditukar.. Hmmmm


  3. ,=====,o00o Ponn..Ponn.Ponn..
    " Antara kau dan aku
    Blog ini sebagai pengantara”

    eeeemmmmm kadang kala teguran perlu ada pembangkang ade yang menyokong....tak salahhh kan

    suka kekata ni

  4. @Anonymous

    aku tunggu mat lang kerja ni.. tapi mak aku suh cari umah teres.. senang dia nak menyinggah.. hahaha

  5. @Anonymous


    yep.. pembangkang perlu untuk wujudkan kestabilan politik..

    and yep too, there sumthing wrong with gov today, but still i dun think the opposition can make it better by taking the putrajaya.. it should be the gov itself to improve their wrong...

    just my 2 cents

  6. @Afzainizam

    yep.. perlu ada pembangkang, perlu ada yang menyokong.. baru lah wujudnya kestabilan politik.. =)

    itu motto aspirasi UKM.. =)