Thursday, 17 February 2011

You can't satisfy them all

Sleepy and tired, but I can't sleep coz there are something that disturbs my mind... Uncomfortable and miserable... Somehow, i just remember the story from Luqman Al-Hakim with his son... And this great story can give us a great value about life...

One day, Luqman al-Hakim and his son went to the market in which to show his son Luqman comparison between the human's view...  Luqman and his son brought a donkey. Luqman ride on donkey, while accompanying his son walked along the donkey... Time people saw the situation, they said, "These are parents who are not merciful to his son... Why he as a father riding on donkey but let his son just walking beside him."

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Then Luqman bought his son together ride the donkey and not long afterwards seen by other people, they said, "Wow! Shame to these people... Why not climb three people at once? Its pity to see one donkey sitting by two people..."

Luqman was down from the donkey and his son who was alone rides the donkey. Not long after the other man said, "Wow! Why his father was walking and his son riding the donkey... As a child, that kid should be respect the older...”

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Hearing that, Luqman and his son walked together beside the donkey. Seen again by humans, those who saw it said, "Donkey is empty, and strange! The two men walking alone... It’s useless to bring the donkey while you not riding at it...!"

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That great story reminds me that whatever you do, still people will talk behind you... You can’t satisfy peoples for what you do... It is now clear, that do what you decided and all that at risk, do not be too afraid of criticism of people, because whatever you do, people still criticized you... 

All you can do is trying your best to make people around you happy... And do the best what work you have to do... If you still thinking, people will say this and say that, you can't move anywhere... You will afraid to do your work... People can say whatever they want... 

Always keep in my mind; you can't satisfy people for what you do even for their good... 

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