Thursday, 30 April 2009

Low Density Lipid is My Nightmare

do u know what is LDL or Low Density Lipid.. And its relation to Heart attack.. check this:

"High LDL Level can lead to cardiovaskular disease, LDL can be oxidised to form oxLDL, oxLDL is taken up by immune cells called macrophages - engorged macrophages form foam cells. Foam cell trapped in the walls of blood vesses contribute to atherosclerotic plaque formation. The results in narrowing of arteries which may lead to heart attack "

aku baca nota biochemistry.. im taking this examination today.. then.. mybe penat membaca atau too sleepy, aku rebah di atas katil.. dan aku bermimpi.. mimpi bout the one i loved most.. selain my mom.. its about my father..

damn damn.. ini hanya mimpi.. i pray almost every day, every second, every time, i died first before my parents.. coz i love them so muchhh.. cant imagine, living in this world wthout my parents..

mungkin kerana asyik dengan LDL.. (low density lipid) yang boleh membawa heart attack.. membuatkan aku termimpi.. walaupun mimpi tetapi tetap merisaukan.. dan di saat ni, aku rindukan arwah Pak ngah aku..

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