Saturday, 5 March 2011

Anger Management

every person has feelings of anger. some people have a hot-tempered attitude. whatever is wrong for them, they are easy to throw everything close to them, including chairs, tables, dishes, mobile phones and so on.

Hot tempered people are scary. But what is more frightening is the people who love to hide his anger. When he had always hide anger, we feared that one day when his angry was at the limitations, he'll release everything. Maybe it will be even worse ..

like me, if I didn't talk much that’s means there are two things are going on. First I had no mood to talk and live a normal life that day.  Second, I was very mad at that time. Yup. I prefer to remain silent when mad. and will be cooled down within less than a day. why so?. I can say this as a nature for me. if I'm hot-tempered, it might be easier to out the words that are not good to be heard, and this will lead to a worse situation

Sometimes there are words that come out when mad. Maybe I have a long patience and hide my anger to long. there are many ways for someone to forget their anger. some likes to eat a lot, some like to punch the wall, some like crashing their hand phone (I do this over and over again). Some of these are going to disappeared on holiday.

So what way you have to manage your anger?

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