Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Old Memories

Bored at the office, I looked up my old friend’s facebook while studying in primary school before. I have done this several time before and every time I open their facebook, surely I will find some old friends that I had never noticed its presence on facebook before. Of course more female’s friends that I stalk rather than male’s friends. Basically its nature!.

Some of them is obviously changed. They used to messy, unmanageable, and unattractive but now turns more beautiful and lovely. Like the fairy tales of an ugly black duck that transformed into a beautiful white swan. I just wondering, when I was a kid, why I was never tried to flirt with her. LOL. Surely I look like a more desperate. Nope. Just wondering why and a little regrets.. LOL. Again!

Moreover, when I was a kid, I used to be naughty and very rude to the teachers. I always speak against my teachers. But, contrary to that, I was unpopular students among my friends. They wouldn’t have noticed my presence even when they past next to me. Who want to noticed the presence of a shorter boy, dirty and not good at making friends?.  Except, the skin of that boy is still bright and white. :p my friends on that time, is only my classmates and my close friends.

Some of my friends already engaged and married whether they are my female’s friends or male’s friends.  Definitely, like most of you will have feeling of jealous when seeing our old friends have already completed their bachelors day. That’s thing is not in our hand. And surely, the time will come. Be patience ya!. Another 5 years more. Wink wink.

Sometimes, I want to remember back those all old memories but at the same time, I want to forget that memories. Sometimes it’s was a sweet memories but sometimes it could be a bitter memories.

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