Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Thinking of Something Different

Good Morning in March!

This entry is a very long essay, and everything is just a personal opinion.

Everyone will thinking of something different. But I often think about what other people think until I was too lazy to think of more. When  referred about the future, half of them would say “ yes, I’m always thinking about it” and the other half would say “ I’m still young and the future is still far ahead from us”. For me, to think and make plans for the future is an important point especially for men.

Some of people think marriage is a gift. But some of them said, marriage involves a big commitment, it requires a great responsibilities not only of financial resources, but marriages involve a great sacrifice. Sacrifice for the future together and to forget a single time. Some of them who are married early, forget that they are difficult to remove their characters during a single. Like the time before marriage, they tend to come out until the midnights just with their friends.  There is also who are not married because they are think too much about the future together with their partner. They do not want to regret it later due to the wrong choice. Love is blind until after the marriage they feel that they are not compatible to be together. Like I said, marriage is a gift. Sometimes in front of our eyes are ours. But that person which we always remembered in the distance does not belong to us. Love is magic right? We can’t expect what is not ours as a guarantee of happiness in the future.

Work is an important element in determining our future. What work that we think can guarantee the future? Everyone has their own personal view about what he wants, what he is going to be. Some of them taking it easy to choose job that will secure their future. And some of them would prefer government as their work as it could guarantee their old ages future as well as variety of benefits. Most of my friends of engineering graduates prefer to work in the private sector because of their private sector could give them greater wages better than government. While my friends that are on his mind is always thinking about money likely would be choosing business as the source of their life in the future. They do not like to be bound by the employer’s payroll. Man is unique, different mentality and many wishes.

Nowadays, a degree is an items you can found it easily, each year, the number of graduates increased, unemployment rates also higher than a years before.  The competition to grab a job is so competitive. To have a degree does not mean you have half of your leg that reached the world of work that will ensures your future. So many of the graduates choosing to continue studying at a higher level. But not all graduate are fortunate and selected. Even though the times has not come yet, my passion, interest and enthusiasm to further my studies will always keep in my heart.   

I just like to think of what people think. Observing how they solve problems and how they give an opinion about their lives and their future. For me, the principles and dreams that have existed since the past will never change.

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