Friday, 4 March 2011

Blogging in Peace

Yesterday to fill my free time, I went to blog walking and very surprised about the issues that hit the bloggers now. I’m not sure whether this issue is already outdated and I’ve just noticed it or it was happen in a week or two. The issue is about bloggers are condemning each others because of shawls, I guess. And I read all those blogs that are talking on this issue. For me, there are some truth for that criticism to be thrown but they may have one or two terms that are not suitable to applied. Blogger world is now just a little too crowded.

The world of blogger right now is seem too panic. Some of them want to write and willing to do anything only want to get a high traffic. I still don’t get it because of what bloggers chasing the high traffic. Maybe to make their blog become well known and popular. Well, I’m also wish that my blog will become famous amos and have a comment that reached hundreds. I know, no one will read this blog but I’m not so desperate to get higher traffic.

For me, I jut write whatever I think. Sometimes what we write, is just to ease our feeling. It was a satisfaction and I don’t mind some people want to read or not. If you want to read, then it will give me double satisfaction. If comment reached a hundreds, it will give an extra double satisfaction. That’s it.

One more thing, I will comment your entry if I think I should. There may be an extra info, or to share some ideas, or it comes from my heart to comment. I do not expect a collaboration that if I comment your entry, you’ll comment back on my entry and vice versa

I will say I’m a liar if I don’t expect you to read and comment on my blog. But I want you to read because you love to read and willing to read. You want to comment on my entry because you really want to comment and there is something to be added or shared. 

What’s happening out there because of the possibility of jealously, revenge or whatever the game of world’s political blog. Bring my blog to my own way is better than involved in the controversy that there was no benefit at all.

Last but not least, thanks to all bloggers who have visited this blog, comment, and even though acts as silent reader. I appreciate and thank you very much.

So let us blogging in peace and avoid controversial issues.


  1. eponga, there's one more issue far more entertaining compared to the shawl one.. ever heard of the name luqiee? hehe

  2. @Brekpik

    never heard of him. who he is? one of the makers of controversial issues?

    i just know someone who is known as Cik Bijak.. hahaha